You’ve arrived at the website of OwenKessel. Which is either very good, or very bad news, depending on what you’re after.

If you stumbled upon the site in search of something boring, rudimentary and formulaic, then you sir/madam are hopelessly out of luck.

If, however, you’re after a full-service advertising agency with little or no regard for convention, a healthy disrespect for the status quo and a firm belief that things can always be done in a new, better way, then spot on! You’ve found us.

Welcome to OwenKessel. Your business just got better.

How we roll

Owen Kessel operates on a philosophy of partnership. Only with great partnerships can we implement world-class ideas. We’re a full-service agency, which means we put the following weaponry (amongst others) at your disposal:

 bullet.png Brand strategy
 bullet.png Communication strategy
 bullet.png Full-service creative (ATL, BTL, TTL, Online, Experiential)
 bullet.png Social Media (management, implementation, measurement)
 bullet.png Branded content

Get ‘em while they’re young!

There’s only one way to teach the OwenKessel way – live it with us. We’re quite serious about finding the right people and growing them from within the agency. It’s kind of a “Hire for life” principle. Truth is that some people do leave – but those that stay with us also grow with us and become the brand leaders of tomorrow. So the earlier we get our talent, the more we can craft their thinking to be media agnostic, idea slaves with the highest creative standards and a truly epic work ethic.

We get ‘em young. In fact we get ‘em while they’re still at college. We give 3 Vega students full bursaries and an apprenticeship at OwenKessel and guaranteed employment when they leave. We also conscript from some of the country’s best universities with our robust intern programme.

All in all we’re proud to give talented individuals a chance to excel in our industry. It’s a win for them, their school or university and of course for us.

“Great relationships allow you the privilege of producing great creative work. That’s how you make your clients profitable, which makes you profitable and makes everyone famous.”

“At the centre of everything, there needs to be a great idea. You have to service it at every conceivable touch point. Then you must conceive of new ones.”

“We’re not just a ‘three-sixty’ agency. We’re a three-sixty/365 agency.”

- Felix Kessel


We’re a humble bunch. Well, most of the time. We’d be lying if we pretended not to be pretty darn proud of our work. Here are some of the foremost reasons why.


This the section of the site that our clients love, our creatives brag about and other creatives check out when they need some inspiration.

TV | The Chef


TV | Amstel TVC

House of coffees

Radio | House of Coffees Confessions


Radio | SA Heart Foundation


Online | Crime Line


Social Media | Financial Mail – Live Debate


Campaign | Zodiac – 360 Campaign


Branding | SANBS


Campaign | Rolling Hills Estate


Activation | Child Abuse Action Group


Branding | Best 4


Branding | Stimulus


Campaign | Ibakeda...

Our brands

Well, technically they’re “clients” but we see their brands as our own. That’s kind of what we do; live and love the brands that we engineer.


Recent News

OwenKessel wins LG South Africa account

After a three-way pitch the team at OwenKessel is excited to announce the win of the LG South Africa Consumer Electronics account. This is another recent win for OwenKessel and a significant one, as the agency is tasked with driving home the LG brand message of versatility, quality and accessibility.

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OwenKessel wins Business Day account

OwenKessel is excited to announce the win of the Business Day account, the country's premium financial publication. Forming an integral element of this account win is the communication of the BDlive website, Business Day's new digital flagship product suite, incorporating a website‚ iPhone and iPad app.

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